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Addam's Family 1964 Lionel "Super O" Layout 3/6/2005

Do any of you remember the Addam's Family TV show from 1964? An integral part of the early shows was a Lionel "Super O" operating layout. Do you recall? Wonder if there are reruns?

Addam's Family One of our Lionel_SuperO_Track Yahoo Group members has done an incredible job of "reverse engineering" the layout to its exact specifications. To recreate the 1964 layout as many as a dozen Addams episodes were carefully viewed over and over again until it could be recreated. Really a very operable 5' x 9' pike which can nicely handle 2 trains.

The layout is said to have been designed by Lionel for the show. The layout was from the early episodes of the 1964 show because carelessness during the moving around of the layout caused its destruction. Hence, it was replaced with an "O" layout before too long into 1964. Seems to be that there was an article in CTT or OGR in the last 8 to 10 years that had a schematic of the replacement layout as well as other shots.

Originally, Lionel set up all the 4 trackside signals to work by pressing appropriate 90Cs on the control panel. The recreated layout is set up to work both ways, meaning insulated track sections and with electronics. Lionel drilled a hole it the top of the ZW for a off/on switch. The bridge they used to blow was made out of wood. Lionel had a 317 there originally. The recreator likes the 321 best, so that is why it is on there. Engines used on the TV show were 2343, 2348 and 2037.

Here are some pictures of the original layout:

Addam's Family   Addam's Family   Addam's Family

How about that last photo!!!

Mike Spanier

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