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Clem's York Primer

Friday, April 29, 2005


The dates for the total York week train extravaganza this spring are April 25-30, 2005. All show activities are in and around York, Pa. The York Fairgrounds (TCA) trading portion of the week is on April 29-30, 2005. The National Toy Train (TCA) museum in nearby Strasburg, Pa. is available all week.


0.) The Spring York meet 2005 will be great. Come and see and play trains with us at spring 2005 York.

1.) The Eastern Division York Meet registration package has been completely reformatted and rewritten. READ IT. It includes messages from me, your Eastern division President, Glenn Snyder, Meet Chairman and Dan Danielson, interim Meet registrar. Changes include more hours of operation for the Orange and Purple Hall, a little less for the member halls, an ice cream social Friday night and a coffee Saturday morning. Read your notice for details- there will be a quiz. I have removed much of the duplication between Clem's Primer and the York reg. package so you will need to read both thoroughly to get the full story. Note the member halls close Friday at 4:30 PM. This give those table holders and all attendees more time to peruse the dealer halls, which will stay open till 7:00PM

2 In the fall of 2005, the York meet will expand to 3 days. This is the most exciting change we have offered in 20 years. Look for info at the reg. counter at York this spring and info throughout the summer. There will be lots of changes next fall, so plan now for this important and welcomed modernization.

3). At 8:55 AM on Friday I will take the mike and ask all to join me in a moment of silence for those who have gone before and for all those men and women in uniform and civilian clothes fighting for our country. This will be followed by our National Anthem. Please stand and remain reverent. The meet then will be opened at 9:00 AM by the Meet Chairman, Glenn Snyder.

4).In my view, this York is much more than a train meet. It is about the gathering of families, friends and acquaintances. The world has been through unspeakable horrors and as the fighting continues overseas and our money struggles deepen here at home, we need to reassure each other of our strength and that we are there for each other. This wonderful hobby- the world's greatest hobby- can/will give us all great support. If I had my way, the official greeting at York would be a hug. America hugs

5). The US Post Office has again agreed to have a portable booth set up at York this time to accept, wrap and mail trains for us. I think this will be a great convenience for many of you. The location again, will be under cover in the entranceway to the Blue/Silver halls. Our Post office contact is Erin Fitzgerald at 717-848-2717. The hours at the Fair ground are Friday, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM and Saturday, 10:00 - 2 PM. Remember Uncle Clem's secret plan: Mail your expensive goodies to your office so that when you are inspected by your significant other, you are clean.

6). There are two ATM's on the fairgrounds. One is behind the Red and White Halls on the entrance road in a shack all by itself. The other is in the front of the Orange Hall open from the outside. Plan ahead, though, with your monetary needs. The second ATM has been installed on the York Fairgrounds on the outside of the Orange (Toyota) Hall. It is on the memorial Hall side of the main entrance to the hall near our special honorary tree. I also learned that the fairgrounds folk alert the banks when we are coming to town so they check the ATM's often to make sure they are loaded. After 10 years of trying, we now have the ATM's marked as $$signs on the map on the back of our York Reg. Package.

7). Killer news: We have just discovered Bill Mack's Ice Cream Shopppe. Located on Route 74 nearly 4 miles north of the Holidrome in Dover, PA. Worth the trip for a "beeeeg" cone of French vanilla or what ever is your favorite. Mack's Ice Cream has opened a new store on West Market St. in the old Dairy Queen building. About 3/4 mile west of the Fair Grounds Market Street gate. (Go right out of the gate)

If you love soft pretzels, I hear the bestest place is Epix. Rutters carry Smittie's or Epix's (same pretzel, different name) that are fresh that day. Epix also has their own sandwich shop in the same Rt. 30 strip mall as Maple Donuts. East 30 on the right, just up from the Roosevelt St. lights. (Across route 30 from Dennys/Pizza Hut)

Worser-than-terrible news: The Maple Donut Shop on Carlisle Ave near the fairgrounds is closed. The company is still in business, but they received a big offer for that property and closed their store. Oh sugarless days are ahead!

8). Road construction continues on many roads leading to York and around Lancaster, so plan for it. Allow plenty of time to go/from to the Museum. Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation web site is: HTTP://WWW.PENNDOT8.COM/ I certainly will say that lots of progress has been made on York Area roads. They must be hearing us. This will give you the most current construction info.

From Scott Arber: Road Construction:

While your enjoying your drive thru Pennsylvania'scountry side keep in mind Pennsy's state animal is the construction horse and it's state mineral is asphalt. In short you could come across road construction at anytime and probably will.

I83 Between Leaders Heights (exit #14)and Queen Street (exit #16): they are taking out"Deadman's Curve" at exit#15, George Street. Both wayshave no real delays, but look for lane changes.

Watch your speed, these are heavily patrolled. Also, remember Pennsy's law - Lights on in all ACTIVE construction zones. Also, fines are doubled in construction zones. There's no reason to give hard-earned train money to the state if you can help it.

8.) Pre-Register even if you aren't sure you can come to York. This will preclude you standing in the long registration line. Guests cannot register in advance, but can register on site Thursday evening 7-9 PM as well as during the meet.

9.) Read your York Meet Notice thoroughly. It is the official document providing guidance for this event. There are many special events this year. Don't miss 'em. Bring your meet notice with you as reference. This time the entire meet notice is located on the TCA web site. http://www.traincollectors.org/ Why not copy it, highlight the subjects of special interest to you, and bring it with you?

10.) Cellular phones may be carried, but not used in any of the halls, except dealers may use cell phones for credit card calls at their booth or table. No cameras or picture phones either.

11.) Thursday TCA Museum Events will be super-Be There!


The WB&A Chapter will again bring Kid's Korner @ York to the open space between the Blue and Silver Halls. Please plan to visit it and stay and play. WB&A is a very active Chapter and conducts the 2 meets each year near Baltimore as well as 2 mini meets. WB&A is Eastern Division's only Chapter and this is part of their contribution to supporting the Division's York Meet. Jim and Nan Kronz and Pete and Mary Jackson are managing Kids Korner. Please stop by and see them and thank them for their incredible work. There will be ride 'em trains that will circle the perimeter of the area. There will also be small train loops. I will bring the famous windup layout that has received so much play time at the annual Fairfax Station Christmas show. All these trains will need playing with! Donations of playable windup and floor trains and toys will be welcome as well. The Kid's Korner @ York will be open throughout the York show, Friday 10:00 AM till 4:00 PM, and Saturday. 9:00 AM till 12:30 PM. Bring your kid (Age 0-110) and join in. There ain't no age limit. Or fun limit! There will be lots to do. Track to assemble (probably plastic type), trains to run on the rug, windups to run, sharing concepts to learn, teaching to be done and learning and fun for all. Just holding a train car may be super fun for some little tikes and isn't that grand. We will have a box of chalk so the kids can draw houses and people. We do ask that you not leave your kids alone here. We are not a nursery. I have found in my experiences, that the adult that who gets down flat with the kids and learns/watches/helps the play activity, gets, by far, the most enjoyment (oh, and it is OK if Grandpa gets down flat too and plays, if he wishes) The kids get to learn to share, help each other, lead and follow and function in a group in order to have the most fun and make the trains do. Photos may be taken in this area. We are seeking volunteers to help to continue making this activity a success.

The Kids Korner @ York snack donators are:
Joan Stauffer; Stauffer Biscuit Company; 375 South Belmont Street, York, PA 17403
Chris Long; Snyder's of Hanover; 1250 York Street, Hanover, PA 17331


13). We continue to seek new volunteers to help with the York Show. Thursday at 1:00 PM there will be a briefing at the registration desk for those who can help us. This show requires a huge number of members to make it happen. Please volunteer-it is your show.

14). City of York and cell phones

The City of York voted to repeal their ordinance regarding the use of cell phones while driving. (They would have lost funding from the State for road repair.) HOWEVER  You can still get a ticket for reckless driving while conversing on your cell phone. This from Ron Morris. (Ron again confirms he will not be singing)

15). There are local shopping tours Friday, but no tour to Lancaster outlets. Bus leaves the Market Street gate of the Fairgrounds every hour from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

16). UPS has an office on 2180 White Street York. That is just past the Fairgrounds on Carlisle Road (Route 74) to the left at the Burger King. Stapes also has a UPS desk. They are located at 965 Loucks Road, open till 9 PM. Phone 717-852-8454

17). Traffic at the Carlisle Gate can be horrendous. Sometime in the future there will be a light installed there. Please be careful. I recommend you don't use that entrance. Go to the Northwest end of the fairground to Gate 6 (the opposite end from the Blue Hall area or from the Blue Hall on past the Orange Hall to the fence.) (How do you know which way is North-look on the back of your York Registration Pamphlet- there is a North arrow) That gate is always open and you can turn left or right easily.

18). You can get York weather info at http://www.wxusa.com/PA/

19). The TCA Internet Committee will have a table near the Registration area in the Silver Hall on Friday and Saturday.

20). If you have something stolen while in the York Halls, we now have a report form to help you. Come to the registration desk for a copy.

21. The fairgrounds have set up the flag area on the North side of the main entrance to the Orange Hall. U.S. and Penny flags will be displayed. There is a brick purchase program for that location sponsored by the Fairgrounds.

22. Eastern Division General Membership meeting will be held in the Silver Hall 11:00 am, Saturday

23. Does youse nose: The red dots on some badges have caused such a concern and fuss. Are those with red dots better than those with bleu dots? Taller? Better lookin? Not any of those I can assure you as we are all equal. I can say that the Other Clem did not get a red dot. Neither did Rachael Welch. Those with red dots are to form a double line alphabetically by height in front of the Brown Hall and wait. Our register sez that as of April 1 we have signed up approx. 12,000 of your best friends for York in the spring. Gonna be a great Yorkin experience!


Contact: Abby Crooks, (717) 852-9675 (ext. 108) or abby@yorkpa.org

YCCVB Website Evolves to Meet Online Travel Demands
New Online Booking and Mapping Functions on York County CVB Website

York, PA - The York County Convention & Visitors Bureau has added two new functions to the organization's website, http://www.Yorkpa.org, to meet the needs of the increasingly large number of people using the Internet for travel planning. An interactive online map and an online reservations function will make the site more user-friendly and allow the CVB to compete in the online travel market.

Approximately 59.4 million U.S. adults have used the Internet to make travel plans in the last year, according to the Travel Industry Association of America. This number is up nearly 23 percent from 1999. To capitalize on this growing market, YCCVB has sought to improve and develop its online resources.

Three maps have been added to Yorkpa.org. One highlights the downtown area, the second the county as a whole, and the third provides a regional perspective and includes surrounding areas such as Lancaster and Gettysburg. These maps can be accessed by visiting Yorkpa.org and clicking on the "Map It" button, or by clicking any of the "Map It" buttons found throughout the site. The YCCVB is the first Convention & Visitors Bureau in the region to employ such mapping technology on their website.

Each map highlights the attractions, restaurants, and dining facilities throughout the area and includes suggested driving routes. The maps also provide a search function and enable the visitor to plan an itinerary by mapping out a planned route that can be complimented by adding notes.

To enhance the visitor experience "Map It" buttons have also been added to each listing on Yorkpa.org. Visitors interested in Wolfgang Candy, could click on the "Map it Button" that accompanies the listing, and be taken directly to Wolfgang's location on the map.

In addition to the interactive maps, an online reservations system has been added to Yorkpa.org. The new "Book It" Function" will allow visitors to make reservations and check availability at area hotels and B&B's directly from the YCCVB website.The York County Convention & Visitors Bureau (YCCVB) is the official tourism promotion agency for York County. The mission of the YCCVB is to focus on increasing room nights in York County and monitor the market mix. York County is ranked seventh in the state in economic impact from tourism expenditures.For more information on the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau, call 1-888-858-9675, or visit http://www.yorkpa.org

York, PA - The York County Convention & Visitors Bureau has added two new functions to the organization's website, http://www.Yorkpa.org, to meet the needs of the increasingly large number of people using the Internet for travel planning. An interactive online map and an online reservations function will make the site more user-friendly and allow the CVB to compete in the online travel market.


To get to the York area, I travel to the Baltimore loop and then go up 83 North. Then take 83 (hard right turn) around York to Route 30 and exit. (That is called "Dead Man's Curve" and there is now construction there to improve safety. WATCH OUT. I know about the construction and nearly crashed last winter.) If you are going directly from the Washington area to the fairground, take 83 Business (from George Street) right onto Market, left onto Duke and then left on Philadelphia St., then right on Carlisle St. to Fairground on the left. An alternate route from the Washington area is to take Route 15 North to 30 East to York, then Route 74 (Carlisle St.) south to Fairgrounds. If you travel Route 30 from the west, New Oxford is a neat town to visit with lots of antiques.

As an alternate, heading northbound on I-83 from Baltimore, as you near York, exit on Business 83N. Within a few blocks, you'll see a "FAIRGROUNDS" sign that will direct you to make a left turn on "Country Club Road". Stay on this road and you will see another sign that will direct you to make a right turn onto "Richland Ave.". You'll soon come to the intersection at Market St. where you make a left turn. The Fairgrounds is only a block away on your right. Route 30 brings you in from East or West and Route 83 down from the North.

From the North/Northeast:

"I leave New York via the New Jersey Turnpike, south to Exit 6, the Pennsy Turnpike extension (276) which becomes the Pennsy Pike, (76). The exit is #21, Route 222, which takes you south and west to Route 30. Continue West on 30. You can pick up Clem's directions from there." (Chris Zizzo)

The Bus

"If you don't want to drive and you hail from New York City, Long Island or New Jersey, there is a TCA Show bus which will take you to York, get you to breakfast locally (at your cost, but cheap) and bring you home with an included, all you can eat buffet on the way. It all happens on Friday ONLY and gives you one big day to cruise the official fairgrounds show. Cost is $53 from NY, $48 from NJ. Call Lester at (631)587-5183 or Carmelo at (631)666-6855 to reserve. Pick up points are located in shopping centers with all-day parking included. Sleep on the way down (bring your own pillow). Usually, on the return, there is a movie on board. They run train tapes (I Love Toy Trains and other stuff.) You could bring your own favorites! Rent a movie like Runaway Train or Silver Streak and bring it along. Lot's of good camaraderie aboard. I've done it 3 or 4 times and it's great to not drive." (Chris Zizzo)


There are four different train shows held on days to the TCA meet at the York Fairgrounds on Friday and Saturday. These are at the Billy Budd Holiday Inn at the confluence of Route 30 and Interstate 83 (334 Arsenal Road.), at the Best Western Motel just off of Route 30 (1415 Kenneth Road), at the Holiday Inn Holidome at West Manchester Mall north of Route 30 on Carlisle Road (1400 Loucks Road), and at the Reliance Fire Hall on 1341 W. Market Street. Entrance to these meets is free and not restricted to TCA members.

The Holiday Inn at the confluence of Route 30 and I-83 is known as the Billy Budd Holiday Inn (for some reason we all call it the Billy Budd, but there is no sign up to that effect. Their flyer sez the Original Billy Budd Inn- who knew?) When you exit off of I-83 onto Route 30 going East, make a right at the next intersection (Arsenal Road) and the Billy Budd Holiday Inn is on your left. The train meet is held outside in the parking lot, inside the main meeting room. Also, many of the guests display their trains inside their rooms.

From the Billy Budd, if you go back West on Route 30 you will pass several traffic lights and blocks of stores and restaurants and then come to a traffic light with an Olive Garden Restaurant on the left. If you make a right turn at that light, you will come to the Best Western Motel within a half a block (1415 Kenneth Road). This property has a local train show Wednesday and Thursday outside in the parking lot (weather permitting).

The Holidome can be reached two ways. If you turned right at the Olive Garden to get to the Best Western, you should continue North and turn left at the next light onto Loucks Road. This will take you to the back of the Holidome in two long blocks. You can also reach the Holidome by continuing West on Route 30 and exiting right on Route 74 (Carlisle Rd.), turning right at the next light, and then left onto the Holiday Inn back driveway. The train meet is held in part of the parking lot that surrounds the Holidome and inside in the main banquet room. Parking is now controlled at the Holidrome and you may be required to park in the West Manchester shopping center parking lot about two blocks away and walk.

If you exit the Holidome and turn left on Route 74 and travel towards York a mile or so, crossing under Route 30, you come to the York Interstate Fairgrounds on your right. This is where all the action is Friday and Saturday. No trading Wednesday or Thursday (There are meetings on Thursday. Read your meet notice.)

To reach the Reliance Fire Hall, you need to go the Market Street side of the Fairgrounds and go west just past the fairgrounds to 1341 W. Market St. If you come down Route 74, you can turn right on Highland Ave. just before the Fairgrounds and cut over to Market Street and turn left. Contact Jules Ermel 856-414-0092 or Herm Lotstein 215-339-1948 for details. Shuttle runs between Best Western, Holidrome and the Reliance Fire Hall Wed 9-6, Thurs 8-5PM


Hotels are tough to find space in during the York week. Plan early. Sometimes you can find rooms at the last minute North of Harrisburg.

If anyone has reservations at Motel 6, I-83 at Arsenal Road they have closed, and I was told the nearest Motel 6 was in South Harrisburg. Jerry Matsick

Contact the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau for Bed & Breakfast referrals. CALL Laura Bookwalter: 1-888- 858-YORK or http://www.yorkpa.org/

A new B&B that opened last October just before the last meet. It's called the Emig Mansion. It's an 1890's mansion with well-appointed rooms in "gaslight" theme and great breakfasts. At about $120 a night including the splendid fare, I don't believe it's overpriced. I found it to be a delightful change from the motel scene. It's in the unremarkable town of Emigsville on North George Street, about 12 minutes from the fairgrounds. The contact is Shary Smith, at 717-764-2226 or e-mail at shary.smith@emigmansion.com. Phil Barbara

The TCA Museum receives a significant number of telephone calls and E-mail from members seeking lodging information. I would suggest you add this information for Lancaster County. Dialing 1-800-PADUTCH (1-800-723-8824) will connect to a "Lodging Hotline" or the visitor's Bureau website, http://www.padutchcountry.com a link called Lodging that will lead people to places to stay. John Luppino, TCA Operations Manager


York County's Web site has a tour map and more on Factory tours. It's something visitors will enjoy especially if they're looking for fun things to do during the week. Harley no longer has a museum. It has been replaced with a great display on how the Harley is made and a video which is usually shown before a group takes the plant tour. Plant Tours are Mon-Fri btw. hours of 9AM - 2PM. One other museum in York that might interest some people is the industrial and agricultural museum on Pershing Ave. York had many interesting factories including car manufacturers. I haven't been to the police museum yet. The Fire Museum has limited hours. The Fire Museum just joined the trust that includes the other museums to make them more visible and help with getting grants (this will also help their hours). It is located in an old station up the street from the fairgrounds at the intersection of Carlisle and Market streets and is manned by volunteers, mostly firefighters. All of the stations in York County donated items to be used in the museum. The displays are rotated and they are restoring a few old pieces of apparatus. Thanks to Gene Anstine, Chief, Glen Rock Hose & Ladder Co. "Change your clock, change your battery." Please see a separate part of this report (Part 2) for extensive lists of family fun activities.


Killer news: We have just discovered Bill Mack's Ice Cream Shoppe. Located on Route 74 nearly 4 miles north of the Holidrome in Dover, PA. Worth the trip for a "beeeeg" cone of French vanilla or what ever is your favorite. Mack's Ice Cream has opened a new store on West Market. St. in the old Dairy Queen building. About 3/4 Mile west of the Fair Grounds Market Street gate. (Go right out of the gate)

"Chapps on the Hill has been around for several years. It's located on Queen Street (Rt 74) - heading from the city south on 74 you pass several doctor offices and a ski shop and Chapps will be on your left hand side - it sort of sits on a little hill. 717-846-5265. A group really enjoys its annual trek to the Railroad House Inn in Marietta. The building is now a bed and breakfast with a wonderful sense of history attached. The food is quite excellent, not exceptional, but the ambiance is wonderful. My favorite York place remains the Round the Clock Diner. 24 hours of good cheap food in huge portions. Best restaurant I know of that has a train meet across the street. Arizona delegates to York like to stay at the Modernairre Motel in East York. This might as well have been the prototype for the Plasticville Motel. Across the street is our Tuesday night tradition...soft shell crabs at the Paddock Bar." (Paul Wassermann MD)(Paul also enjoys Bumper Bob's up Route 83 North quite a way. Clem)

Ruby Tuesday is now open on the old West Side Steakhouse site. Just a tad beyond it on East Rt.30 isa new Smokey Bones. We tried to get in recently, but there was a huge crowd. Some one please give ils a chow report. The Golden Corral Buffet on Rt. 74 at the Rt. 30 interchange has closed.

An all you can eat called Aroma opened in East York next to Sam's Club. (The old York Mall) It's Americanized oriental food that's very good. Issac's has great sandwiches. 2159 White Street. Ste A101. Ph.717 854-2292 or http://www.isaacsdeli.com. Comb's has a great prime rib and is always full of TCAers. On Market Street just west of the Fairgrounds is Latuca's pizza- excellent and reasonable. The Left Bank, downtown York, has mighty fine gourmet sandwiches and other goodies. (Please tell us about other locations)

A Memphis Blues went in at Commerce Center, (Rt.74 at the light at Blockbuster)

10 to 15 minutes North of Rt.30 on Rt.74 is Dover Dinner a new 24 hr. Restaurant and going a bit fartherdown the road, Three Fountains is under new management. This group has gotten it right, good foodat reasonable prices. Ask for their Hag Maw if you wish to sample a local Pennsylvania Dutch gastronomicdelight.

19 N. George St. is Fishers, which opened last October with French international fusion cuisine. In the nextblock at 110 N. George St. The Harp & Fiddle also opened late last year. They're an upscaleIrish-American pub and restaurant.


You can't use the Fairgrounds RV Accommodations till 9: AM on Thursday. Enter from the back side of the fairgrounds and Phil Lockhart will help you park. There are changes and a good deal of the area has been asphalted, so your favorite spot may have a different look. You are not allowed to put stakes thru the asphalt. Bring pads for your jacks and wheels (see the registration package or call Phil as the reg. info is not very clear.) The Northwest corner of the Fairgrounds has a nice RV area which we encourage you to use.

The Orange Hall has restrooms on the west end that will stay open all night Thursday and Friday (although I hear the close for a short time for cleaning). Coin operated showers are available. Showering while at York is encouraged!

"Where should you never set up your camper?"

I don't think there is a "bad spot," but if you have a popup or something else that has levelers/feet on it, you can't beat a paved spot for ease of setup. I would stay a little away from the restrooms because of the pedestrian traffic, noise, and the occasional smoker, if that sort of thing bother's you.

"Is there a fee to camp if your camper does not require water or electricity?"

You need the RV permit if you intend to camp, even if you just use a tent. You get to park right next to the camper, too.

"Where is a good location to camp on the Wednesday night before the show?"

"My preference is Indian Rock Campground, just outside of town to the south and west. They run $22 a night, with electric and water; including decent shower facilities. I believe they charge a bit more if you hook up septic. Gravel-covered spots, with a picnic table and grill at each. Other train people stay there as well; we usually get in Tuesday night). We pack up Thursday morning, make another pass of the shows in the morning, and then head to the Fairgrounds after lunch. Contact them at indianroc@aol.com. Hope this helps. When I first contemplated using my camper for York, someone else on the list explained everything to me. He told me to look for his 40' motorhome from Colorado; I told him to look for my 12' popup from Ohio! Feel free to pay us a visit." Steve Hornick tintrains@aol.com

Also there is Ben Franklin Park in York, PA approximately 5 minutes west of the York Fairgrounds where your Eastern Division meet is held. They are a mobile home park that is offering RV spaces with full hookups beginning this year. They offer services as possible overflow or for those who might have special needs which they may be able to fulfill (such as 50 Amp electrical hookups).
Ben Lepore III, Director of Logistics, Ben Franklin Park.



The Reliance Fire Hall opens 8AM to 6PM for trading. The inside meet at the Holidome sets up sometime on Monday as well.


The Holidome ballroom will open about 7:30 AM till about 7:00 PM. Times are approximate and get posted on the main doors. The outside parking lot trading area is open as well and gradually fills during the day. Reliance Fire Hall is open 8:00 AM-6:00 PM for trading. At the Billy Budd Holiday Inn, the rooms are full of wondrous trains and some dealing is done the Sunday before York.


The Billy Budd opens around 6:30 AM for set up and trading inside. They do give out parking tickets if you park dumb. Trade until 5:30PM. They serve breakfast inside the Billy Budd at 5:30 AM. Coffee and donuts outside at 7:00 AM. (This show is pretty much over due I think, in part, to the peddlers tax that that district levies on its dealers. Folks don't like to be called peddlers.) Please keep me informed if this show returns.

The Holidome parking lot trading area opens around 7:00 AM for booth set up and trading. Trade until 5:00 PM. The inside opens around 7:30 AM and may stay open until 7:30 PM. Unwrapping is super! Clem has a booth location at G-2 outside (alphanumeric painted on asphalt.) I stay at the Holidome (Phone: 717-846-9500).

Reliance Fire Hall and Best Western Motel shows open Wed 8:00 AM till 6:00 PM and 9AM  7PM respectively. The Best Western had a 50 or so dealers outside and is a growing show.


The Holidome opens at dawn for trading outside and about 7:30 AM inside. Clem has a booth in the parking lot at the Holidome (G-2). Their breakfast smorgy is OK and opens at 06:30 AM. Meet closes around 3:00 PM.

Reliance Fire hall and Best Western are 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM and 7AM - 4PM respectively.


The hotel trading is not the only game in town. TCA activities start on Thursday. The National Toy Train (TCA) Museum in nearby Strasburg, Pa., has a big day planned. It is an excellent full day of special activities on Thursday before the big Friday/Saturday York TCA show. Museum opens 10-5:30 PM. See the recent Newsletter, your Meet Notice, or the TCA web site for current details. You must attend!

York Meet volunteers meeting Thursday 1 PM in the Blue Hall outside the lunch area.

Load-in and unpacking for member table holders at the York Fair grounds is from 7:00 -9:00 PM. Dealer load-in to the Orange and Purple Hall occurs from 9 AM-8 PM Thursday. No trading.

Registration counter in the Silver Hall is open 7-9 PM.

"The Proposed new TCA Grading System" presentation by Bill Kotek of the Standards Committee. - The talk is open to all and will be presented at York Thursday 3-4 PM in the old Auction Area, Silver Hall.

TCA Standards Committee Meeting: 7:00 PM Thursday old auction area Silver Hall. Refreshments.

Other special interest groups will be meeting Thursday for education and fun - see your York Reg. Package for details. They are listed in alfa order.


ALL motel meets are closed. The TCA Internet discussion Group (TTML) meets for breakfast on the fairgrounds at 7:00AM - 9:00 AM in the Fairgrounds restaurant. Ole Clem wanders in about 8 AM and gives a sterling speech that no one listens to, but all seem know that with his welcoming remarks, the wonderful Yorkin experience is about to happen once again. Mrs. Clem is coming this time so remarks may be tampered with and tempered by the situation at handThere is a slim chance that the truth will be told.

Pictures are taken there but usually the ugly mega pixels of the two Clems together(Clem and the Other Clem make quite a pair-clearly post Office kind of photos) are too much for the non-Lionel cameras. And don't forget to sign up for breakfast. http://www.toytrains.info/york_signup.asp

Wear your special badge. http://www.toytrains.info/york_badges.asp

The TCA Meet opens at Fairgrounds at 9:00 AM, but individual table holders can unpack your table between 8:30 AM-9:00 AM. You can bring boxes in between 8:30-9:00 AM, as well.

I suggest you get to Fairgrounds around 8:00 AM or earlier and park. Parking is free. Huge crowd! If you can't get to the fairgrounds early as suggested, you may have to park at the far end of the fair grounds and walk a bit. The pre-meet buzz around the outside of the halls is toooo much to miss. Plan a restroom stop prior to opening time.

If you don't have a registration badge, go the entrance between the Blue Hall and Silver Halls. The roof is red I think, but the hall is not blue in color (red brick on the outside). Ask someone to point out the registration area. Onsite registration opens at 9:00 AM. Then you register and all the buildings are yours to visit. The badge lets you get in any building, but you can only register at one place. If you are a TCA member, you don't need a member to sponsor you in. Bring your TCA membership card! There is a shuttle bus around the fairgrounds, but it is quicker to walk (Wear comfortable layered clothes and shoes).

YORK HALLS (See the map on the back of your Registration package)

White Hall, Red Hall, Silver and Blue Halls: Individual Collectors

Orange and Purple Halls: all dealers

The shuttle bus to the Local shopping Areas and Historical sites leaves the Market Street Gate (just outside the Blue Hall) Friday every hour from 10:00 AM-4:00 PM. $1.00 each way, exact change only.

Rest rooms are in the Blue Hall, hallway between the Blue and silver Halls near the Registration Area, White Hall, and on the east side (outside) of the Red Hall and next to the former Gold Hall. The fire house also has large restrooms. The Orange Hall has two sets of restrooms. The west set is open 24/7 and includes coinoperated showers.

Lunch can be obtained on the fairgrounds in several locations.

York funnel cakes have been declared a veggie by Clem and therefore good for and on ya.Don't leave York without at least oneaday. Remember: a funnel cake a day keeps the very dangerous York blue possum away.( he is blue because he only comes out on Sunday and misses York)There is so much to see and do at the York fairgrounds on Friday (let alone other events earlier in the week), that it is tough to do it justice in one day. Although there are thousands of tables to view, a lot of us just enjoy the opportunity to socialize with the membership. This means that time management is critical. As an initial suggestion, I would recommend that if your interest is mostly new stuff, start at the Orange or Purple Halls. BUT if you're more of a collector into pre-post war, I'd start at Blue and work counter- clockwise, Silver, White, and Red. If you are more interested in a specific spare part head directly to the Orange/Purple Halls. As one gets more experienced in the event, you will be able to chart your own course to your favorite buildings. I let the "inner feelings" direct me to the goodies.

Special meetings also occur on Friday. Check you meet notice for details:

For several years now, the CompuServe TrainNet--now ModelNet--Forum Group meets for lunch and good fellowship on Friday at 11:30 AM by the Fry Stand near the Red Hall (Carlisle Ave. side)

The OGR list meets at 1 PM on Friday in the bleachers of what used to be the Yellow Hall. Access to the bleachers at the far end between the former Yellow and Gold halls. http://www.ogaugerr.com/ (They promised me current info but it never came. I hope this is correct.)

National Convention Guidelines Meeting 2-4 PM Conference Room two in the Orange Hall.


COLORS DAY: If you have Division or Chapter or train group colors (shirts etc., why not wear them Saturday and show off. Last fall the Wednesday night bunch from Baltimore, who have 25 members, had 25 members in their shirts on Saturday- hard to beat that record, but let's try.

TCA TTML Discussion Group meets again for Breakfast again in the Fairgrounds Cafeteria 7:00 -9:00 AM.

Trading Halls open at 9 AM and trading comes to a close after 2:00 PM when we all pack up to go home. Sometimes there are bargains on Saturday. Also the crowds are smaller.

The Eastern Division General Membership Meeting is at 11:00AM in the Silver Hall auction room. Members please attend as there is much business to attend to.

Hope you have a great time!

Remember: trains are about people, so meet some new friends and greet some old ones-for sure.

Also thank any volunteers you see, as they work very hard for your show.

See you at York,

Clem Clement

Family Fun at York:

The following is an up-date to last year's massivelisting. Since Dan Pfeffer has everything archived onhis site this follows Chip Miller's suggestion and is a"Cliff Notes" version.

Even though this has been sent to TTML, this is anewer listing with changes to the new I83 exit numbers throughout, and even more editing done to the surplus information.

In keeping with the thought that;

- Anyone who downloads this has access to a computer.

- Most places have websites detailing their particular interest.

- A comprehensive listing is archived at Toytrains.info.com.

- Keeping this a "Cliff Notes" edition.

I deleted any extraneous information and includedtheir website instead. For those who did not have awebsite or those URL's that didn't work, (I.E. Yorkcounty Parks), I left addresses and telephone numbers.

There have been changes to phone numbers, websites,and tours. Everything is up-to-date as of 03-30-05.


The Downtown York Visitors Center is located at 149 W.Market Street in downtown York. The center is openseven days a week from 9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. andextended hours during downtown events.


(YCHT) The Trust has a group of Museums throughoutYork.All sites within the Trust cost: Adults $6.00, SeniorCitizens, College Students & Children over 12 yearsold $5.00, Children 12 and younger, FREE.Website: http://www.yorkheritage.org/

The Museums are:






Website: http://www.yorkcity.org/visitors/walkingtour/index.htm

Website: http://www.yorkcity.org/econ/murals/index.htm

Address:470 E. Market St.
Phone: 717-852-7007.

Website: http://www.yorkbarbell.com/hallfame/hall00.html

Website: http://www.policeheritagemuseum.com

Website: http://www.pplweb.com/holtwood/things+to+do/indian+steps+museum.htm

Website: http://www.nawcc.org/museum/museum.htm

Website: http://www.visitpa.com/visitpa/visitDetails.do?name=Hanover+Fire+Museum
Address: 44 Frederick Street, Hanover, PA 17331
Phone: 717-637-6674

Website: http://www.borough.hanover.pa.us/images/hanover/hbfiremuseum.html

HANOVER AREA HISTORICAL SOCIETY http://www.visitpa.com/visitpa/visitDetails.do?name=Hanover+Area+Historical+Society
Address:105 High St., Hanover
Phone: (717) 632-3207.

NEAS HOUSE MUSEUM http://www.visitpa.com/visitpa/visitDetails.do?name=Neas+House+Museum
Address: 113 W. Chestnut St. Hanover
Phone: (717) 632-3207


Samuel S. Lewis
Website: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/samuelslewis.aspx

Gifford Pinchot
Website: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/giffordpinchot.aspx

Website: http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/codorus.aspx


Rocky Ridge -- From Route 30 bypass, take Mount ZionRoad exit. Follow Route 24 North (Mount Zion Road). Attop of hill turn right on Deininger Road. Follow roadback to park.

William H. Kain Park -- From York, follow South GeorgeStreet (extended) to Jacobus. For Lake Redman area,turn left on Church Street and go 0.6 miles to mainparking area. For Lake Williams area, turn right onWater Street and go 0.5 miles to main parking area.

Richard M. Nixon Park -- From York, follow SouthGeorge Street (extended) through Jacobus to ValleyRoad. Turn right. Follow road 0.8 miles to bottom ofhill. Turn right at park sign. At stop sign, turn leftand follow road into park.

John Rudy Park -- From Route 30, follow Sherman StreetNorth three miles to Mundis Race Road. Turn left. Parkis 0.6 miles on the right

Apollo -- From Route 74 south of Red Lion, takeBurkholder Road east to New Bridgeville. Take Route425 east. Turn left at Boyd Road. Parking lot is atthe end of the road.

Spring Valley Park -- Follow Interstate 83 to GlenRock exit. Turn left on Route 216. Go 0.1 mile andturn right at Potosi Road.Travel another 2.1 miles to Crest Road and to theentrance of the park's Animal Activity Center.To find the Fish for Fun pond, stay on Potosi Roadgoing past Crest Road until Line Road then turn right.To enter the park from its northern access, continuefrom Glen Rock exit on Route 216. Go 2.9 miles andturn right on Line Road.

P. Joseph Raab Park -- From Route 30, take Route 616east through York New Salem, continue toward SevenValleys. Turn right onto Green Valley Road. Continuefor 2.5 miles. Turn right onto Hoff Road. Travel 0.6miles to park entrance on the left.

YORK COUNTY HERITAGE RAIL TRAIL http://www.york-county.org/gov/Parks/RailTrail.htm
Three additional historic structures are on the trail:Hanover Junction, New Freedom train stations andHoward Tunnel, oldest continuously operated railroadtunnel in nation.http://www.york-county.org/gov/Parks/TrailHistory.htmThe trail has two distinct styles of milepost markers:large white posts with black lettering are historicalmarkers Used by the Northern Central Railroad, andmore numerous green posts with white lettering. Theseposts indicate actual mileage from the origin of theNorthern Central Railroad, the Baltimore, MD station.Trail Distances from the Maryland LineThe park is open year round, 8 am until dusk, and ispatrolled by York County Parks Rangers. Parkregulations are posted at each parking lot.The Museums are open May thru October.

Directions to Rail Trail Parking lots:

York City (From North):
Follow N.George or Business I-83 south for approximately 3miles to W. Philadelphia Street. Turn right on W.Philadelphia Street. Follow 3 blocks to Pershing Ave.Follow to parking area.

York City (From South):
Follow north approximately 3 miles to WestPrincess Street. Turn left on W. Princess street andfollow 2 blocks to Pershing Avenue. Turn right onPershing Avenue and follow 3 blocks to parking area.

York City (From East):
PA Route 30 to North George Street (just after passingunder I83). Left on North George, travel about onemile to West Philadelphia St. Travel 2 blocks toPershing Avenue - left on Pershing and you're at thetrail head.

York City (From West):
PA Route 30 to route 462 (stay straight on 462 when 30exits to right). Follow 462 approximately 4 miles todowntown York. Just after crossing Codorus creek,left on Pershing Avenue and you're at the trail head.

Hanover Junction:
Interstate 83 to the Loganville Exit. #10. Followsignsto 214. Take 214 West. Continue on 214 West forapproximately 5 miles to 616 South. Follow 616 South. Rail/Trail parking lot is approximately 1 mile on the left. Alternate Route: Take Route 30 to 616 S. Hanover Junction is approx. 6 1/2 miles on the left.

Glen Rock:
Interstate 83 to Glen Rock Exit #8. Follow 216 Westfor approx. 4 1/2 miles to Glen Rock. Right onto WaterSt. Cross railroad tracks and turn right to followtracks for approx. 1/10 mile to Rail/Trail parking lot

Interstate 83 to Shrewsbury Exit #4. West on 851.Rail/Trail parking lot is about 2 miles on the right.

New Freedom:
Interstate 83.to Shrewsbury Exit #4. West on 851 toRailroad Borough. Left onto West 851. 1 1/2 miles toNew Freedom Borough. Rail/Trail parking lot at Frontand Franklin Streets. (at the old train station).


Briarwood and Briarwood West Golf Club -- 4775 W.Market St., York; 792-9776 or 792-5016.

Cool Creek Golf Club -- 300 Cool Creek Road,Wrightsville; 252-3691.

Midlantic Eagleview Golf Club -- 2531 Municipal Road,Dover; 292-9727.

Grandview Golf Club -- 2779 Carlisle Ave., York;764-2674.

Hawk Lake Golf Club -- 1605 Loucks Road; 843-9303.

Heritage Hills Golf Resort -- 2700 Mount Rose Ave.;York, 755-4653.

Hickory Heights Golf Course -- RD 1 Lehman Road,Spring Grove; 225-4247.

Honey Run Golf Course and Country Club -- 3131 S.Salem Church Road, York; 792-9771.

Little Creek Golf Course -- Spring Grove RD 1;225-1702.

Pleasant Valley Golf Club -- Stewartstown RD 1;993-2184.

Range End Country Club -- 303 Golf Club Ave.,Dillsburg; 432-4213.

Rolling Acres Golf Course -- 490 Windsor Road;755-1406.

Valley Green Golf Club -- 1227 Valley Green Road,Etters; 938-4200.


Strand-Capitol Performing Arts Center
Website: http://www.strandcapitol.org/index.html

Dream Wrights Youth & Family Theatre
Website: http://www.dreamwrights.org

Eichelberger Performing Arts Center
Website: http://www.goepac.com

Mt. Wolf Gospel Arts Dinner Theatre
98 S. Sixth Street, Mt. Wolf
Telephone: [1] 800-818-6883

York Little Theatre
Website: http://www.ylt.org


Website: http://www.familyheirloomweavers.com/

Website: http://www.glatfelter.com

Website: http://www.harley-davidson.com/CO/FTY/en/york.asp?locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US

Website: http://www.hopeacres.com

Website: http://www.naylorwine.com

Address: 90 Indian Rock Dam Rd. York, PA
For details, call (717) 741-3485 and ask for Diane.

Website: http://www.pfaltzgraff.com

Website: http://www.sevenvalleys.com

Website: http://www.snydersofhanover.com/Pages/Other/facstore-hanover.html

Website: http://www.utzsnacks.com

Website: http://www.wolfgangcandy.com

To find the detailed listing go to Toytrains.info.com
at: http://www.toytrains.info/get.asp?mod=subject&subject=%28%22family+activities+%25+york%22+%22family+fun+%25+york%22+%22York%2C+PA+and+the+steam+locomotive%22%29+%2Dwas

See ya around York,

Scott Arber

Below are selected comments from the ttml about the fall 2004 York Meet. Offered to remind all of the wonderful times we all had in the past and to stir the mind and soul for the next great event: spring 2005 York meet.

Message: 7
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 07:39:09 -0400
From: "Clem Clement" <clem.clement@cox.net>
Subject: TTMLERS at York

Home safe as I hope all are.

I am so honored to be able the chat with you guys at the ttml breakfast. What a fun way to start the Yorking experience! I so enjoy it although The Other Clem's shirt was ugly! You folks make my day with your funning. We were honored with Pres Paul and past Pres Gordon in attendance as well. I know Chip's secret and I ain't tellin!! It is some feeling I tell you to wear the breakfast badge and be acknowledged through out the meet as a fellow ttmler. Thanks for making my day so sweet. I hear no ttmler told one lie all week-true? Did you guys see Dr Joe's art work? He is so sophisticated with his designs!

Hope all had a great time, found some new toys and had a safe trip home.

Happy times all and see ya at Spring York

Message: 24
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 15:14:21 -0000
From: "gordondma" <gordondma@comcast.net>
Subject: view from sell side of York table

As a first time table holder at York, I was impressed by howdifferent things look from the other side of the table. In pastYorks I anxiously waited while people shuffled slowly, very slowly,past the postwar tables, so I could get to the prewar tables beforeeverything disappeared. This Friday, I kept asking myself: whereare the shuffling hordes? It seemed like half as many people, yetthe numbers were the same. Nevertheless, the experience was greatand I did manage to sell half the items I brought. I think nextYork I will lower the tag prices on Saturday as well as give morebargaining room. I figure my prices were likely too high for theitems remaining on Saturday. A lower tag price would probably help.The risk is that I would have less bargaining room, but at least theconversation starts. And I will try harder to forget how much Ipaid for the item, since I likely paid more than today's value forquite a few of them. On Saturday there were many fewer people, soit might not matter. The most fun of the sale side of the table wasbeing able to chat with people about some of the items I had,teaching some what I knew, and learning from others new things Ididn't know. There are a lot of experts at York! The TTMLbreakfast group was great. We enjoyed another greeting andpresentation from Clem, and a special update about upcoming ballotsand votes from past president Paul Wasserman. Sam Butler promisedto give us more tales of railroading adventure, especially from theearly years of railroading. And Bob Mintz took lots of photos sothose unable to attend York can match name with face. Every York Iam more amazed by the amount of work that Clem and the huge numberof volunteers do to make York happen. From the sell side, I saweven more of that effort and success.
Thanks again Clem for a terrific York!
Doug Gordon

Message: 5
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 23:02:35 -0000
From: "jlechner2001" <Joseph.Lechner@mvnu.edu>
Subject: York reflections

I second the vote of thanks for Clem Clement and his hundreds of teammembers from Eastern Division for a well-run York. Unofficialbreakfast conversation indicated that the total two-day registrationwas 19,000 persons. If accurate, that sets a new all-time record. Itis a tribute to Eastern Division that the event is so well-organizedthat it never feels like you're in that big a crowd... just a happythrong of train fans doing what they enjoy best.

I appreciated the opportunities to greet more of you at the breakfastand at the Internet table throughout the day... I feel like I alreadyknow you through your messages but it's still special to meet face toface.

Took my daughters to a movie this afternoon. Posters for "PolarExpress" are already hanging in theaters, due to open in November.I've seen Lionel's model of the Express twice, first at Pittsburghand now at York. Which of you will be the first to convince yourlocal multiplex to let you install a working layout in the lobby?

A good weekend to all,

Joseph Lechner

Message: 7
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 20:27:56 -0400
From: "Les Mathis" <lhmathis@verizon.net>
Subject: York

Another York experience is behind us. The innate keeping of records born of being in the regulatory/enforcement arena for over 35 years has resulted in the following data concerning my travels to York: # of years attending the York meet: 32# of times attended: 47 (Oct- 31 times and April- 16 times)# of times in Blue Hall 18, Red Hall 14, White Hall 10, Silver Hall 1, no table 4 # of miles driven to attend: 15,322 (a ho-hum amount for some attendees). # of people who have become friends: too numerous to count. (the best part) # of hours spent jawing, bs'ing about trains, etc: too many to count.# of items sold: who cares# of items purchased: Ah I can't say. don't want my better half to know (lol)

My impressions of York October 2004:
Lots of people. Not many open wallets. ZW's ain't bringing a dollar a watt any longer. I must have seen over 100 of them and the only one I saw sold was marked $115. A true glut of new "stuff"... mind boggling. Quite a few "eye candy" 5 digit $, rare items coming out of the woodwork.. Marklin "Crocs" in 1 and O gauge for example. K-line's fantastic display. Lionel's GG-1. A house on fire being put out with real water. Smoke pellets that have more pharmaceutical elegance to them than those made by the old Lionel. Electronic gizmos up the Kazoo including Police/fire/ems vehicles with working LED lights. Scale track/buildings/scenic materials - the heavy trend to realism. And of course table upon table of ubiquitous 6462s ad nauseum that came not only to this meet, but for years past and probably years to come. Damn I have to wait another 6 months to do it all again.

Les Mathis

Message: 10
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 21:17:47 -0400
From: "John Zobel" <jzobel@adelphia.net>
Subject: view from sell side of York table

> As a first time table holder at York, I was impressed by how different things look from the other side of the table. Every York I am more amazed by the amount of work that Clem and the huge number of volunteers do to make York happen. Thanks again Clem for a terrific York! Doug Gordon >

In reply to Doug's comments regarding his pleasant York experience, may I offer a few observations. As a long time York attendee (15+ years without amiss) I have seen the show expand from a very large club meet to the unbelievable and overwhelming event that all the attendees enjoy today. Not only has the number of train collectors who attend grown to epic proportions but also we now have virtually all the train and train related manufacturers and dealers in attendance. All of these individuals are counting on a well run show in order to promote and sell their products. The logistics of organizing and managing this event to everyone's (collectors, manufacturers and dealers) satisfaction is an enormous undertaking.

I wish to offer my utmost thanks and congratulations to Glenn Snyder, Meet Chairman, Clem Clement, Kathy Stevens, Linda Weber and so many other unpaid volunteers of the TCA Eastern Division who all work tirelessly so we can enjoy this "little get together" twice a year for a job well done. To paraphrase Lou Redman, Mr. TCA, "if it wasn't for these little tin toys, we all wouldn't be together here today".

Message: 2
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 18:37:14 -0000
From: "Scot" <trainbud@optonline.net>
Subject: More York Thoughts

I'd been to "Yorks" before. This was my fourth, and I'd decided tomake this one substantially different. I decided I'd really 'see'York, not merely run from hall to hall.

I really wish I could convey how that decision affected me. It hasbeen a cathartic experience. I listened to, and enjoyed, a countryradio station; you can't get that in the NY area. I still have thesongs rattling around in my head, continuing that pleasureableexperience. I had real food~ Maple Donuts; PA. diner food; and agreat lunch at the York Fairgrounds restaurant. During the threedays I was there I laughed and and was relaxed and everyone wasfriendly. And I got to look at and touch trains I'd only ever seenin pictures! It was wonderful.

I got involved~ I volunteered to help with the show. Friends, if youget the chance, do this. You see the show from a totally differentperspective, meet some good people, and get to smile a little more.It will do your heart good.

I went to a couple of discussions, including the excellent programthat the knowledgeable (and passionate) Joe Algozzini put on. I sawfragile, one-of-a-kind paper items; awesome stuff you may never readabout or see in any museum.

On the way home I realized how much I do miss the PA area (I livedin the Allentown area for 13 years); how much that was a part of mylife. I got to revisit the good parts of that time in my head. Idrove for miles and was comforted by the beautiful Autumn colors andthose country songs I can't get here.

At the show, I saw more than trains. I saw husbands and wivesworking together at a hobby about which they both care; and it wasplain that they care for each other. I saw friends sharing;camaraderie, knowledge, joys and concerns. I caught up with one ofmy long-time acquaintances; shook hands and laughed with some newones. And everyone was cheerful.

I did see trains~ boy, did I ever! I saw trains dang near onehundred years old; some showing their age, some not, and some with ashiny new coat of paint and a new set of wheels, ready to be playedwith and cherished for the next hundred years. I saw some rare oldtunnels; factory-made with brass or tin, their paint flaking, a tinychalet clinging to the side of a painted roadway; a home-made papermache tunnel, its blue lake painted aside snow capped peaks~ a tinywell-weathered cardboard house beside it. I saw trains worth tendollars and held trains with a price tag of a thousand times that. Itook the time and nurtured the flicker of an interest in old O scaletrain cars by looking at, and handling, and learning about, car kitsfrom the 30's and 40's. I saw thousands of train collectors,hundreds and hundreds of cabooses, hundreds of thousands ofsmiles... and realized there is MUCH more to the hobby 'out there'than even all this.

The trip cemented a belief that that this is the one *true* hobbythat I have. This is where I belong.

There are other forums today with a lot of angst among the postersregarding this show. York is what you make it~ a social experience;a toy train temple; an all-day wrestling match over 5 dollars. Ichose to make it relaxing, informative and fun.

I humbly thank you, the Eastern Division members who work to benefitus all with this great show.

Scot Kienzlen
"The Ellison Guy"

Message: 10
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 18:17:34 -0400
From: Ed Smith <emorse@prodigy.net>
Subject: MTH Not Lionel at York

I had a completely different experience at the MTH Booth. Got to talkpersonally to Mr. Wolf and he graciously signed 30 or so catalogs andother MTH stuff. Never made a comment and seem to enjoy signing them inthe MTH Purple pen I provided. He mentioned he himself only had one copyof his early items. I would give him 15 to sign and then step back andwait for other folks on line to chat with him. While I was waiting,someone asked him the price of a train set on the wall and he stoppedwhat he was doing, went an picked up a 2005 catalog and showed thegentleman the price. I was very impressed with that and all the otherMTH personnel around the booth. He personally took care of the request.

York was the most amazing thing / collection of trains I have everseen in my life. I saw items at dealers table that I didn't know evenexisted. Very well run and not much pushing and jostling, but there area lot of rude people out there. Overall?? if you ever get the chance togo to one of these meets, do it. Make it a vacation or whatever, but doit. I guarantee you will talk about it the rest of your life... And ...kudos to the gang that put it together..

Ed Smith

Message: 4
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 10:52:46 EDT
From: glnrckchf@aol.com
Subject: Significant Minutia


I did see some signs on some of the halls that had colors on them.

I apologize if someone saw me on Friday and I didn't see you. I was in a daze and running on fumes. We had a barn fire Thursday night and I got home in time to get to York at 1. I was on a mission to get to what I needed to go home with. This is definitely not the way to do York. My excitement was finding the only sausage wagon at the end of the day. Thank goodness for modern medicine and Zocor.

Gene Anstine

Poultry Barn (Purple)
Old Main (White)
Arts Hall (Black)
Storage shed (Old Green)

Message: 8
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 15:30:41 -0400
From: "Tom Bianculli" <tjbian@connecttime.net>

Subject: Perusing the Halls

> Friday, 17058 steps taken, 7.269 miles walked, 1245 calories burned. Saturday, 7514 steps, 3.203 miles, 548.6 calories burned. Scott Arber >

Can you express the number of calories burned in Maple Donuts???

Tom Bianculli

Message: 6
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 00:58:11 -0000
From: "jlechner2001" <Joseph.Lechner@mvnu.edu>
Subject: Perusing the Halls
>> Friday, 17058 steps taken, 7.269 miles walked, 1245 caloriesburned. Saturday, 7514 steps, 3.203 miles, 548.6 calories burned.Scott Arber >>

> Can you express the number of calories burned in Maple Donuts??? Tom Bianculli >

cake donut with crumb topping: 240 calories
frosted creme filled bismarck: 340 calories

Friday: 5 cake donuts or 3 bismarcks + 1 donut

Saturday: approx. 1 donut + 1 bismarck

Special Eastern Division dietary rules apply.

Trips from Silver Hall to the Red or White Hall consume more caloriesbecause it's up hill. Return trips to the Silver Hall consume fewercalories.

Maple Donuts eaten while riding the Red Rabbit around the fairgroundsare twice as fattening as those eaten while walking.

Calories eaten by volunteers working at the registration desk are notcounted.

Funnel cakes are low in calories because all the gooey stuff drainsout the spout of the funnel.

Joseph Lechner

Message: 17
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:52:28 -0400
From: "Clem Clement" <clem.clement@cox.net>
Subject: Maple Donuts

The York County just called and asked what they wanted me to report about the meet. I did all the counts and complements and nice things, and then I said how killer the Maple Donuts were!! I mentioned that York is a second home to many of us. I think they are really going to publish that 17,000 fools come back to York twice a year for the town, the trains and Maple Donuts. Scott, get on your horse and see if Maple makes a sugarless donut or the kind for those who have special dietary habits. I know we have folks who can't take some of the ingredients in the regular donuts and maybe they could enjoy some if there were the sugarless kind available. If they don't make 'em, tell 'em to get on it.


(So busy this time that I did not have a donut)

Message: 21
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 12:59:49 -0400
From: "Clem Clement" <clem.clement@cox.net>
Subject: York Restaurant reports

Anybody find a new and special restaurant this time that they need to report about? I got to go to the Central Cafi this time. Very friendly folks and scrumptious food. At my secret personal mega-favorite restaurant I got to have the York County favorite special dish: Chicken and noodles over a waffle. Bonkus donkus it was good. White sauce adrippin down off the plate all the way around as the waffle is too big for the plate and off my chin, wide noodles and a good waffle underneath. I even hugged the waitress over that one. I introed a friend to the dish and when he called his wife, she said it sounds terrible. He straightened her out- it is gooder'n a Blu Comet. Don't try it at home- ya gotta try it at YORK.

Clem Clement

Message: 3
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 204 13:05:37 -0400
From: "Clem Clement" <clem.clement@cox.net>
Subject: Fifty Dollar Blu Comet

You guys have heard me speak of the fifty dollar Blu Comet for years. At the ttml breakfast, I shared the origin of the $50 remark. Maybe someone can confirm this story. I've been atellin it for years.

Sometime in 1955 or 1956 an ad appeared in a NYC paper for a $50 1955 Cadillac Coupe Deville. Most readers thought it was a misprint except one dummy who called. The lady said yes and he rushed over and plunked down the $50 for the mint Caddy.

Seems her beloved hubby had passed in the car and she wanted it gone right away. One family's sorrow is another's luck I guess. But anyway we don't wish pain on anyone, but I am always looking for the $50 ad.


Message: 6
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 00:46:05 -0000
From: "Scott Arber" <toyrail@yahoo.com>
Subject: Perusing the Halls

<< cake donut with crumb topping: 240 calories...frosted creme filled bismarck: 340 calories Joseph Lechner >>

Perusing the Halls of York... Priceless

Scott Arber

Message: 12
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 00:08:20 EDT
From: LKEOUGH107@aol.com
Subject: Maple Donuts


Unfortunately I was not able to make York this time and am going throughwithdrawal. I am one of those you refer to as not being able to ingest thedelicacies of Maple Donuts. I am an insulin dependent diabetic. For the life of me (no pun intended) I cannot abstain when it come to those treats. I holdoff for most of the remainder of the time between meets but in April andOctober I go through about a dozen each visit. At least I will die happy, a Maple Donut in one hand and a bag of goodies from Orange Hall in the other. See you all in April.

Steve Keough

Message: 19
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:59:57 -0400
From: Alan_MacDonald@sil.org
Subject: York Friday night festivities

Dear Friends,

I like the idea of a get-together the Friday evening of York to "book-end"the TTML breakfast. I very much enjoy the b'fast and think it would begreat fun to compare notes and goodies at the end of the day. I oftenhave wondered, after talking with friends at b'fast, if they in fact foundany of the items on their wanted lists. When there was an auction onFriday nights I enjoyed staying for that. However, in the last few yearsI just made the afternoon trek home to Virginia. It would be great ifthere was a place where the 30-40 who show up for the b'fast couldre-convene. While I too play a musical instrument, I'd be much moreinterested in spending the time talking about the day. By the way, Igot to drop by Clem Clement's house today and saw some of his finds. Clemis always guaranteed to bring home some very interesting hand-craftedpieces. Junk to some, but treasures to Clem! A "show and tell" time on aFriday night would be lots of fun.

Any ideas about the feasibility? Suggestions? A host?

Sorry to miss my buddies at the TTML b'fast this time around.

Alan MacDonald

--------------------------------------------Message: 11
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 12:13:31 -0500
From: "BARRY BLEY" <captb_1@msn.com>
Subject: York Closing, et. al.

It seems to me that many posters are missing the point here. York is run by the Eastern Division, not by the TCA. I live in Colorado, and I know how much time and effort goes into running even our small shows. What the Eastern Division members connected to York must put out in terms of time, effort, and energy truly blows my mind. The Eastern Division runs the show; they can make the rules.

I, for one, have no issue whatsoever with them sanctioning someone who fails to adhere to the closing hour and thus to contract that signed when theybought a table. That's the Eastern Division's choice.

I, for one, have no issue whatsoever with them deciding the hours of the show. That's the Eastern Division's choice.

I think we all have to remember that the Eastern Division is probably planning next April's show even as I write this. Instead of complaining, maybe we ought to be volunteering.

Barry Bley

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