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List $24.95 NOW $16.47
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Chat FAQ

General Information:

  1. The Chat Rooms are always open.
  2. They are available to all e-Interchange registered members.
  3. Public Chat Rooms are open to all registered ToyTrains.info members. Other Chat Rooms are only available to members of the specific clubs. For example only TCA members can enter one of the TCA Only Chat Rooms.


  1. Your browser must support "frames".
  2. Your browser must support Javascript and it must be enabled.
  3. Note: For simplicity, the chat does NOT require Java or any downloads.
  4. You must be Registered on e-Interchange to be able to enter the Chat Room.
  5. You must be Logged In to e-Interchange to be able to enter the Chat Room.

Important Chat Rules:

  1. All areas on ToyTrains.info can be viewed by young children. All discussions MUST be appropriate for all age groups. If you have any doubt as to the appropriateness of a message, DO NOT post it! The Webmaster will make all decisions as to the appropriateness of messages. You may lose your right to use all area's of the site for any infractions of this rule.
  2. Each member is solely responsible for what they say. ToyTrains.info has no responsibility as to what each member posts.
  3. The members first name and last initial will be posted with each message. The name will also be a link to additional detailed information about the member (that was provided by the member in the members profile page). Only members that belong to the clubs that you belong to will be able to view the detailed information. Other members will only be able to view limited information about members.
  4. All messages MUST be about ToyTrains!

Selecting A Chat Room:

  1. Click on the "Enter The Chat Rooms" link below to go to the chat room selection page.
  2. The selection page will display all of the Chat Rooms that are currently occupied as well as the names of the members that are in each of the Chat Rooms. You can then select any of the Chat Rooms including an empty Chat Room to begin a new chat.
  3. Once you have selected one of the Chat Rooms, click on the Begin Chat link to enter the Chat Room that you have selected.

The Chat Message Display:

  1. Once you are in one of the Chat Rooms, the Chat screen is divided into two frames at the top and bottom of the page.
  2. The top frame shows the most recent messages as well as the time the message was sent, the members Nick Name. Note that MSN-TV viewers will see the top and bottom frames reversed.
  3. Each members name is also a link which will allow you to view additional information about the member.
  4. New message will appear at the top of the frame.
  5. Scroll down to see older messages.
  6. Messages are removed from the display after 30 minutes.
  7. The top frame periodically refreshes itself to display new messages. The speed of refresh is determined by the speed of your Internet connection. You can use the Personalize page to specify the speed of your connection. The faster your Internet connection, the more quickly new messages will be displayed.
  8. As new messages keep being posted to the top of the screen, you can use the "Pause Chat Output" link to temporarily stop the update of the output. This allows you to scroll down and read older messages.
  9. Click on the "Restart Chat Output" link to end the pause.

Chat Room Members:

  1. The left side of the top frame will display a list of all members Nick Names on the site.
  2. Each occupied Chat Room is display with a list of current occupants. Your own name is followed by an asterisk (*).
  3. A final list displays members who are not in any of the Chat Rooms.
  4. Each member who is not in a Chat Room also is a link. Clicking on the link will display more detailed information about the member.
  5. Each member who is not in a Chat Room is also followed by an "Invite" link. Clicking on the link will display a message to the member. This message will invite them to the current Chat Room indicating that you invited them.
  6. A number in parenthesis, which follows a members name (such as (01)) indicates that the member has already been invited into one of the Chat Rooms and cannot be invited again.
  7. Chat Room invitations remain active until either: the member who issued the invitation exits the Chat Room or the invited member enters a Chat Room.

Chat Room Commands:

  1. The bottom frame is used to enter Chat Room commands.
  2. Enter a message and click on the "Send Message" button (or click on the Enter key) to post your message.
  3. If you have typed a message and changed your mind about posting the message, use the "Clear Message" button to erase the message. Note that message will not appear in the Chat Room while you are typing. They will only appear when you send the message.
  4. Click on the "Exit Chat" link to exit the Chat Room and return to ToyTrains.info.

Chat Room Types:

  1. Public Chat Rooms are open to all registered members.
  2. TCA Only, LCCA Only, LOTS Only and TTOS Only Chat Rooms are only open to members of these clubs.
  3. Private Chat Rooms are open to all but they have some special rules. They allow one or more members to Chat without allowing anyone else from joining the chat. You can only enter a Private Chat Room if the following conditions are met:
    1. The Private Chat Room is currently not occupied by anyone.
    2. You receive an invitation by one of the current Private Chat Room occupants to join the Private Chat.

Miscellaneous Information:

  1. When the last member exits a Private Chat Room (only), the chat messages are erased. For all other Chat Rooms, all messages remain visible until messages are removed from the display after 30 minutes.
  2. A members Nick Name consists of their first name and last initial. A member can disable their Nick Name from being viewable by other members on the e-Interchange My Profile page. Note that this will prevent the member from entering any Chat Room.

Enter The Chat Rooms


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