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Greenberg's Repair and Operating Manual for Lionel Trains, 1945-1969 by Roger Carp - Offers over a thousand repair and maintenance tips for Lionel locomotives, operating cars, accessories, transformers, light bulbs, and switches. Provides original Lionel technical advice and handy techniques submitted by toy train collectors and operators over the past ten years. - List $24.95 NOW $16.47 SAVE 34% - Free Shipping Over $25
Greenberg's Repair
and Operating Manual
for Lionel Trains
List $24.95 NOW $16.47
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The Toy Train Mailing List (TTML) contains a wealth of information about Toy Trains. It is an invaluable research tool using the TTML search engine. The Select Topics below are searches that have been found to be of interest to many readers. Just click on any of the links.

Please use the Feedback page if you have any suggestions for additional topics.

High Tech

The hottest topics are the new high tech features in trains. Get an overview of all of the systems and get the latest tips on improving the systems from the experts.

  DCC Digital Command Control is an open standard sponsored by the National Model Railroad Association. It is the oldest command technology and although it is not generally used with toy trains, there have been interesting discussions about its pros and cons.
  DCS Digital Command System is produced by MTH. It is used to control MTH's protosound engines. It also has the ability to control the Lionel TMCC system.
  TMCC TrainMaster Command Control is produced by Lionel and is licensed by other train manufacturers. It was the first command system produced for toy trains.
  DCS vs TMCC View the interesting and sometimes spirited discussions about which system is the best.


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